Welcome to Pure water Curacao. Your partner for water purification  on Curacao.

Hi my name is Sonia de Lira and I am the Cofounder of Pure Water Curacao.

Through my activism for cleaner water in Curacao I found myself in the unique position to educate myself a lot about water and the importance of clean and pure water for the health of the human being.

As a yu di Korsow (child of Curacao) I believed and even boasted to friends from abroad on how pure our water was, the best water in the world!

So you can imagine my disbelieve when I learned the truth about our water. In truth, our water was not the best, but it turned out to be wors then promissed!

As I learned more about the effects of Fluoride I also learned that it is not only Fluoride that we should be concerned with, but also about the corrosion in our water pipes and the Chlorine added to our water because of the many bacteria in it.

But it was only when I myself moving from Banda Bou, or the west side of our beautiful island, to the other side, that I found out how bad our water really was. The first thing that I noticed was that my four-year-old son started to have serious belly cramps; he would crawl over the floor. At first we thought a virus but after 2 weeks we all started to have the same symptoms as he did, became more concerned, and even mentioned it to our doctor.

The most curious thing was that all my allergies came full blown back, and I started to feel sicker by the day.

It was in this period that I read the excerpt of a document that Dr. Molenburg wrote for a case of Wisconsin to get the fluoride out of their water, in there, Dr. Molenburgh declares that one of the first symptoms of fluoride in your water was heavy belly cramps and kids where the first to respond to this, and the worsening of your allergies. This is because flouride lowers your immune system, which means you are more prone to illnesses.

It was then that I decided to take matters in own hand and get, as a good friend of mine suggested, the reverse osmosis system.

Christian Kissling cofounder of Pure Water Curacao, who himself uses reverse osmosis in his Hotel in Germany and I started to search for the best and most reasonable priced device, and this is how we arrived at a company in Canada.

This company makes the best reverse osmosis available today, all water produced by this system delivers a state of the art filter system, which provides you and your family with the best drinking water free of any harmful chemical contaniments and other harmfull bacteria that can cause various illnesses.

As soon as our Pure Water system was installed and I started to drink only purified water the symptoms disappeared, mine is also connected to our fridge, so I cook with it, and my ice cubes are also of the best quality possible

I have to state that it was the best money spent! I do not have to carry any heavy bottled water, I now truly have the best water available and can keep my family safe, and on top of this, I safe between 2000 and 8000 Naf a year (depending on which brand of water you use).

It is our mission to help as many people to get acces to the best water available get your reverse osmosis today and start protecting your family and saving some money!

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